Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Support American officials upholding their constitution

I inadvertently subscribed to the American Family Association a while ago, and as I've mentioned before, it's completely impossible to unsubscribe. However, I've found a way to occasionally take advantage of this.

Today they're whining that Macomb County Road Commission (Michigan) are making some guy remove a nativity scene from government property, claiming that it's anti-religious and the first of this year's battles in the war against Christmas.

That's complete bollocks, of course. All the commission is doing is upholding the constitution which states quite clearly that no religious symbols and whatnot will be displayed on government property. It's all part of the separation of church and state. Very clear, very right and proper, and deeply unpopular with the religious right.

So if you agree with me, you can go to this page run by the AFA which allows you to send an email to Macomb County Road Commission. It's pre-written, demanding they rescind the order.

What I did was change the text to say something like (didn't keep a copy, sadly) "I'm delighted to learn of your actions to remove a religious icon, ie a nativity scene, from government property in the city of Warren. " I put a bit more but I can't really remember what. I made sure I was courteous and supportive, and I hope they like that. The list of states has Other as the last option, so you're not forced to choose a US state as your place of residence.

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