Tuesday, 27 October 2009

How you really came to be here

So I've been watching this video, which PZ Myers posted on his blog. (I couldn't be bothered with the stupid homeopath who's movie clip is above LK; why should Iwaste my life listening to someone talking rubbish?) I've not seen much of it yet, as it lasts over an hour, and I'm at work, but I did see two things I just love.

First, he said "Gravity sucks!" ie it pulls; it doesn't push. Classic!

Then he explained about where the atoms that make our bodies come from. I did actually know this, but I would never have thought up the punchline.

Right after the big bang, the only atoms in the entire universe were hydrogen atoms. They clumped together to form stars, and within the stars, fusion reactions took place, forming first helium, then later oxygen, carbon, silicon, etc. So all the non-hydrogen atoms in the universe were formed inside stars.

So if you think about it, the atoms that make up your body were once inside stars. That's the unavoidable conclusion. You are stardust! Do you like that? That's not the punchline.

The only way for those atoms to get from inside stars to inside you is for the stars to have exploded as supernovae. Nothing else would do it. So here's the punchline:

The stars died so that you could be here today!

Never mind Jesus; it's the stars you need to thank!

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