Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Friday, 9th October, 11.30 UTC - it's a date!

Thanks to this posting from the blog, I've learned two new things today.

First is that on Friday morning at 11.30 UTC (Universal Time is more or less the same as GMT) a space ship will be deliberately crashed into the moon, and a second one, following behind, will fly through the resulting dust plume, sample and analyse it, before crashing into the moon itself. If you live somewhere west of the Mississippi it'll be dark, and a 10 inch telescope will be powerful enough for you to actually see the plume of dust.

For the rest of us, the second new thing should come to our rescue. That thing is NASA TV. I've just been watching live footage from the Space Station, but when I just went back to it a moment ago it was some other programme, though still space-related. The live SS footage was a bit jerky, sometimes just showing one frame per second, but other times playing smoothly, so I guess that depends on how quickly the signal is getting through the interweb and onto my PC.

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