Tuesday, 14 April 2009

A bench for DJK

I was thinking of DJKirkby while I was in Spain, and took photographs of several benches, but in the end decided to post just this one photograph.

This is where my father and stepmother used to sit when they were mobile, where she scattered his ashes when he died in 2002 and where she would go to sit and talk to him in the years after his death.

I don't think they'd ever been churchgoers and I certainly don't know anything about her beliefs, but I know she drew comfort from being able to sit somewhere they'd shared when Edi was alive. Whether she thought he could hear what she was saying or just liked being able to sit there and imagine he could hear, I'll never know.

When she died a year ago, her ashes were scattered there, too, so they could be together.

It's quite poignant, really, and I completely approve of their ashes blending in the soil, even if it is based on fairy stories.


DJ Kirkby said...

Ooooooooh an extra special bench photo. Thank you so much. x

Rob Clack said...

You're very welcome!

PERBS said...

Came from DJ's blog . . . you have a very special bench at that. What a great idea! I also collect photos of benches. . . and DJ recently visited mine.