Sunday, 14 December 2008

Who is Harun Yahya?

When our friend gave us a copy of Harun Yahya's Atlas of Creation, he put a couple of sheets of paper in it, with information he'd discovered about the author. It was just a web page printed out. It's quite illuminating.

According to mukto-mona, Yahya, real name Adnan Oktar, runs an organisation involved in organised crime. Blackmail, extortion, etc. And yet, according to the man's own website, he lives a life dedicated to faith.

Of course, you can't assume that what you read on the net is reliable, but given the trash he printed in his Atlas of Creation, I feel more inclined to believe mukto-mona than Adnan Oktar.


giannileone said...

Because of his anti-Darwinist, anti-communist and anti-Masonic intellectual struggle, Adnan Oktar has for many years been subjected to conspiracies and slanders by certain dark forces. However, the courts have always acquitted him of these baseless accusations, and they have all been exposed as plots and slander.


1. Adnan Oktar was held in solitary confinement for nine months and then detained for a further 10 months in a mental hospital housing the most dangerous 300 inmates who had committed murders, all for saying "I am a member of the Turkish nation and of the community of Ibrahim." 7 people were killed by inmates during his time there.

2. After being held in prison and the mental hospital for a total of 19 months, Mr. Oktar was acquitted and released by the court when the Prosecutor's Office declared there was "no criminal offence in his words." However, because of the mental report issued in his regard he was for years publicly portrayed as mentally ill and deprived of such rights as to vote or stand for office, to marry, to work for the state or purchase property. This conspiracy also eventually failed when the Military Hospital overturned the report.

3. Mr. Oktar was detained with no justification in 1991, and members of Ergenekon, a communist deep state that had infiltrated the state in Turkey, arranged for cocaine to be detected in his blood stream after being mixed in with his food at the Security Headquarters building. This was confirmed by the Forensic Medicine Institute. Mr. Oktar was acquitted and cleared when the court determined it had been a conspiracy.

4. Mr. Oktar has been the subject of 9 assassination attempts.

5. In 1999, Mr. Oktar and various persons from the BAV circle (Science Research Foundation) were detained by police under the command of Adil Serdar Sacan, who is himself currently detained on charges of being a member of the terrorist organization Ergenekon. Those taken into custody were tortured by personnel at the Security Department, at the order and with the encouragement of Adil Serdar Sacan. As a result of that torture, the detainees were forced to sign untrue statements that had been drawn up beforehand.

6. A journalist by the name of Tuncay Ozkan, who is also currently in custody charged with membership of the communist Ergenekon terrorist organization, was the one who prepared in advance the statements signed under coercion by the detainees and who gave them to the Security Department. After they were signed under coercion the signed versions of these false statements were sent back to Tuncay Ozkan by Adil Serdar Sacan, and Ozkan then used them to wage a smear campaign against the BAV members with full-page reports in the newspapers every day and reports on the television. This clearly and undeniably reveals that it is this communist deep state society behind the conspiracies against Adnan Oktar and the BAV that have been going on for so many years.

7. Under the influence of the police report prepared on the basis of these statements, court proceedings were initiated and some defendants were sentenced to 3 years' imprisonment. Together with Adnan Oktar, three young women, university graduates who had never seen the inside of a prison or police station or even received a speeding ticket, were also sentenced to 3 years' imprisonment on the grounds of running a criminal enterprise. These women are intellectual, devout, progressive and secular individuals who believe in creation.

8. Adnan Oktar was deliberately and falsely slandered of a subject regarding sexuality, something to which people are particularly sensitive, in order to sway public opinion. Those responsible for this slander to the effect that a woman was forced at gunpoint to have sexual relations and that this was recorded on camera, made a grave error. THEY FAILED TO CALCULATE THE DIFFERENCES between the house they claim Mr. Oktar lived in and that in which the secret camera recording was made. The joists of the house in which the recording was made are suspended straight down, while there are no joists in Adnan Oktar's home (hollow block ceiling). In Mr. Oktar's house the windows are very large, reaching from floor to ceiling, while those in the house in which the recording was made are small, square PVC ones. In order for Adnan Oktar's home to be the one referred to, it would have to be demolished and totally rebuilt. All this evidence was set out in video film watched in the presence of the court commission, the prosecutor, lawyers and official expert witness, and the court acquitted Mr. Oktar of this false accusation on the basis of the evident difference between the two properties.

9. In his latest legal opinion regarding the case, in which Mr. Adnan Oktar and 5 people from the BAV circle were sentenced to imprisonment, the Public Prosecutor stated that:

· All the defendants, including Adnan Oktar, had already been acquitted in the case;

· The statements taken under coercion and in the absence of a lawyer were invalid in legal terms, and that this had in addition been accepted by the court hearing the case;

· And there was no evidence in the case file to support the charges,


Adnan Oktar has never committed a criminal offense, and he rejects this charge. However, he respects the court ruling by all means.

[size="3"]Mr. Oktar has already been acquitted in the hearts of all rational people and of the entire Islamic world and Turkish nation. Nobody in Turkey believes he is the leader of a criminal enterprise. He is a man of science, an author known to the whole world. He preaches love, peace, tolerance and compassion, and recommends moral virtues. Lies and plots have never hindered Mr. Oktar's intellectual struggle in any way whatsoever, and neither will they do so in the future. He will heroically, persistently and determinedly continue with his anti-materialist, anti-communist and anti-Darwinist activities that call Turkey to unity and union.

Anonymous said...

The indictment of the SRF (science research foundation) case which was initiated at the 1st State Security Court (DGM) with the allegation of “forming a crime ring acting for material gain” that violated Law No. 4422 consists of quotations from fabricated statements signed at the police security under torture. The SRF case was examined by 7 different court chambers and not even one evidence or document was found to prove the allegations in the indictment. On the contrary, there exist hundreds of documents, expert reports, jurisdictions, testimonies and scientific legal opinions that prove the innocence of, and evidence the white hands of the SRF community. In addition to this, the joint opinion of the 7 different courts which have examined our case is that there is no element of crime that may be considered within the stipulations of Law No. 4422 in the court case.

rendor said...

The SRF case which started in year 2000 was dismissed on 24.11.2005 due to the statute of limitations; however the same allegations were continued in a parallel court case based on the same principle cause for the 6 defendants who were not included within the scope of the statute of limitations. The court chamber examined the entire documentation in the case file and ruled a verdict that would clear all defendants in the SRF case from all accusations, and in this respect this case for the 6 defendants were concluded with a decision of acquittal on 22.01.2007. This decision by the 2nd High Criminal Court is an apparent evidence of the innocence of the SRF members. There are no complainants that have been able to present any concrete allegations in the case file, neither are there any evidence of a crime disfavoring the defendants, nor any testimonies that are in opposition. In summary, the case file is totally empty in terms of any evidence of a crime.

monsoon said...

check out about adnan oktar case or SRF case

Rob Clack said...

Thank you all for your comments. I shall follow up your suggestions so as to get a better understanding of the situation.

I still maintain that what he says in the Atlas of Creation is unscientific nonsense, but clearly I'm not in a position to hold an opinion of the man himself.