Friday, 12 December 2008

Islamist creationist book.....

Jenny, like all fellows of Darwin College, has already received a copy of the ridiculous Islamic Creation book that's doing the rounds. [I'll put in the proper title and author later when I've made the effort to go downstairs.] It is enormous, and filled with beautiful, hi-res photographs of masses of photographs of fossils. Today, for no reason we can so far resolve, a friend of ours delivered us another copy.

Though the book is complete garbage - you don't have to be even remotely atheist to realise the arguments are silly, this turns out to be useful. Jenny is cutting her existing copy up to use the (excellent) illustrations in the Zoology Museum where she works. The extra copy is great, as that means she can use both sides of each page.


Anonymous said...

I guess you are mentioning "Atlas of Creation" by Harun Yahya. That is surely a piece of artwork.

He is really the most acknowledged all around the world in terms of creationism, far ahead from his Christian counterparts.

I am sure it is interesting to see that the book arrives in your college.

Rob Clack said...

I do mean Harun Yahya's Atlas of Creation, thank you, Anonymous. Our friend gave it to Jenny because it's a beautifully produced and freely distributed piece of fundamentalist propaganda.

I had a quick look at it last night and the author's single argument seems to be that there are lots of species which haven't changed much over long periods of time.

To which the scientists say "So what?"

It doesn't prove that evolution is false, just that lots of species stay the same for a long time. There are plenty of fossils that demonstrate evolution quite clearly, including the dinosaur into bird transition which Yahya claims doesn't exist.

I saw no mention at all of the fish into tetrapod transition which is the are of Jenny's specialisation and which has a good set of fossils documenting the change.

Nor did I see any dinosaur fossils.

What is interesting is that someone is willing to pour all that effort and money into a project based on such complete nonsense.

Sadly, there are people around who lack the knowledge to realise that it really is worthless.