Saturday, 20 December 2008

Friday Night Fast Food

With an apology to Jane, who should have been enjoying curried grey squirrel with me this evening!

This took half an hour, and yes, it is intended to make you salivate! Tesco Finest rumpsteak, matured for 28 days. No idea what breed, but it was pretty tasty. I hate buying stuff from Tesco, but I needed something easy on Friday night, and a 2-pack suited my mood. Hence the need to get the other one out of the freezer just now.

Potatoes: dice, toss in olive oil, add dried mixed herbs, garlic if you want, black pepper and salt. Toss again to coat evenly, stick on a baking tray in the oven flat out for 20 mins or so. You'll need to turn them a couple of times with a fish slice or they'll stick to the baking tray.

Courgettes: fried in olive oil with black mustard seed. Get the oil hot, chuck in half a tsp mustard seed and put the lid on. When you hear the mustard seed exploding, add the courgette, turn down and fry for a few minutes until done.

Steak: I use a cast iron frying pan. Add a little oil or butter and get it smoking hot. Put in the steak and cover with one of those mesh anti-spatter things to try to keep the hob reasonably clean. Give it a couple of minutes on each side. Be careful here: Add a slug of brandy and tip the pan so the fumes catch light from the gas. (Ah yes, for other heat sources, you'll need a match or lighter). Shake the pan to put out the flames before the brandy has all gone. If you're not quick enough, stick in some more but don't ignite it. This is what makes the minimal amount of sauce you get with this dish.

If any blood has oozed out of the steak while it was in the fridge, remove the steak to the dining plate and stir in the blood. If no blood or you need more sauce, you can add cream, yoghurt or crême fraîche. Or you can use white wine. The alcohol deglazes the juices in the pan and gives you a yummy sauce, but it's true I often end up with not enough.

Serve immediately and pat yourself on the back for making fast food worth eating.


Sparx said...

Oiks! Well, I'm sure this was lovely... not being a meat eater I will have to pass on this recipe... I'm sure my other half would love it though! Having a bit of a catch up on your blog - merry Yule!

Rob Clack said...

Hah! Welcome back, Sparks, and good greetings of the Winter Solstice to you!

I confess I don't really get this veggie thing. It's not how we evolved and it doesn't make sense to me, but there you go. I'm not going to try to persuade you.

The only person I know who has what I'd regard as a decent reason for being a veggie is Richard over the road. He doesn't like meat.

He's in a bit of a quandary, however, having recently being diagnosed as coeliac. So, no gluten and no meat. The local restaurants struggle a bit sometimes.