Monday, 22 December 2008

Champagne Lunch!

Lorna, Jenny, Jane and I decided last night to meet up today in Cambridge for lunch, since they were all going to be there anyway, and I work only just out of town and could easily get in.

We met in All Bar One which we all quite like. When I arrived, Jenny was at the bar organising drinks, so I joined the rest at the table. After a while, Jenny appeared with a bottle of Moët & Chandon and champagne flutes.

Oh yes, we say, what's the celebration? Answer: Jenny got her NERC grant approved! Hooray! This is such a wonderful Christmas present, but I guess I'm going to need to explain it a bit.

NERC is the Natural Environment Research Council, which is a government body (ie you and me!) that funds science projects. It's ludicrously over-subscribed, so of course, you stand almost no chance of actually getting your project funded. I suspect Jenny had given up all hope of getting this grant, and we still won't know until January whether she's got everything she applied for or only a proportion, but even so....

Wha-heyyyyyyyyy! (dances around the office!)

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