Tuesday, 18 November 2008

That stupid Radio 2 fuss

I've not been following the Brand/Woss fuss too closely, but that's not going to stop me expressing an opinion, oh no! Here's my take on it.

Yes, it was puerile schoolboy humour, and a bit over the top even for that, but come on, that's what they're known for, isn't it? Which is presumably why the Beeb allowed it to go out on air.

And there were, after all, only a handful of complaints during and immediately after the programme. It was only when the medjah got hold of it and gave it the fully hyped treatment that complaints came in in any numbers. And of course, the more complaints they screamed about, the louder the vox populi. (Is that right? I don't know much Latin, but I like to get as much in as I can, now I know it's not PC!)

Anyhow, I think the other reason there were a brazilian complaints is that it's just too easy now. No need to drag out a pen and paper, find a stamp, walk to the post box and post it. Oh now, now you just dash off an outraged email. I've done it myself!

I propose the Beeb should make it a standard policy that if your complaint doesn't arrive written on paper, using a fountain pen and delivered by snail mail, it doesn't even get opened. Then the only people who actually complained would be those who really felt strongly about it, rather than witless wonders without enough to do at work.

There! I feel better now! Please don't hit me!

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