Saturday, 29 November 2008

Such a busy week

I have been working harder than I have done for years, and I've really enjoyed it, especially that great sense of achievement at the end. That's why I've done almost no blogging, so I apologise now for not visiting or commenting much.

What I've done in the past 7 working days is to take a 22 page Installation Guide and convert it into a summary which is printed on one side of A3. There are 3 flavours, depending on the exact configuration, but essentially there are 16 boxes, each of which contains a bit of text and maybe a diagram or a screenshot. The idea is that as long as the installer is just taking all the default options, this summary should be all that's needed to get the kit up and running. It took a lot of effort and I had a lot of help, but it's really great to have got it finished. Of course, the acid test will be next week when the kit gets shipped and the dealers actually start trying to follow my instructions! The Support department are anticipating a few phone calls!

Today I have to replace the roofing felt on my 3-year-old shed. Must do it today as the forecast is for rain tomorrow. That's very poor, for the felt to only last 3 years. Not impressed, but of course, it's out of warranty. Natch. Might write and complain anyway.

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