Saturday, 29 November 2008

Snail Trails

During the summer, particularly when we had the drains crisis and had to have the conservatory floor up, all the plants that normally live in the conservatory were distributed around the garden. Not all of them liked that, unsurprisingly, but that's not really the subject of this post.

Our garden is heavily infested with snails. We've not used the blue metaldehyde pellets since Jenny kept a couple of caecilians (tropical legless amphibians) in her office, feeding them earthworms from the garden. Both died after bleeding from all orifices, and we concluded that the worms had eaten decomposed remains of slugs and snails we'd killed with metaldehyde.

The snail population is very good for the thrushes, which do their best, but an unexpected side effect was that when the plants came back into the conservatory, it quickly became clear that someone had laid some eggs in one of the pots. Or maybe it was someseveral.

This morning we put the heater on so that after breakfast we could sit out there and drink our coffee, and the windows immediately misted up. No surprise there. I hadn't expected the snail trails, however.

There are quite a few tiny snails in the conservatory, and we're having to collect them up. They don't do much damage individually, but there really are quite a lot of them, and the total damage is significant.

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