Sunday, 9 November 2008

Saturday Night Indulgences

Poking around on Friday evening before shopping, trying to decide what to cook over the weekend, we came across Jamie Oliver's Spicy Pork and Chili Pepper Goulash. Yesterday, we bought the necessary pork from our local farm shop, but made a rather fundamental error. The recipe says 2 kg shoulder, skinned and boned, so we had the man get a shoulder of pork out of the fridge, skin and bone it and weigh us out 2 kg. Wrong. Even to feed 6, 2 kg is far too much meat, and it was a real struggle getting it into our biggest casserole dish. We've got a work colleague of Jenny's staying Monday and Tuesday, so planned to eat some last night and the rest on Monday, but even so. And Lorna (Richard was out doing some work thing) came to help us, but even so.... Still, it was completely delicious.

After dinner, Richard arrived and we settled down to watch a DVD called Horton Hears a Who, which is a Dr Seuss animation and was completely LOL funny. We were rolling around! I'm a bit ancient for Dr Seuss, but my younger brother was brought up on the Cat in the Hat, etc, so I'm quite familiar with it. I strongly recommend it, even if you don't have kids as an excuse. I got it from Amazon.

Today we washed the bikes and put them away for the winter, it being generally too cold, wet and miserable to ride. And after a minute amount of gardening, we've given up. I'm going up to my shed to do some carving, then we'll be having bobotie for dinner. Yum! (The recipe is not the one we use, but I can't see that anywhere. Ours uses minced lamb instead of beef, and includes a grated Granny Smith apple, but this is one of those that everyone has their own favourite version, so I'm sure the BBC one will be good.)


ArcticFox said...

And here was me expecting you to be eating green eggs and ham!!


Rob Clack said...

Thank you, thank you, Sam I am!

Can Bass 1 said...

Sam? I thought he said he was called 'Arctic Fox'? (Although if you ask me...)

DJ Kirkby said...

Horton hear a who is brilliant, almost as good as the book and how often does that happen? I came over to say that I have read a book I think you would enjoy 'Old Man on a Bike' by Simon Gandolfi, a tremendous book, I wanted it to never end.

Rob Clack said...

Thank you, DJK, I'll check that out.