Thursday, 6 November 2008

Look away now

Well everyone knows what the effects of taking antibiotics are, so no surprise there. After taking the pills for the required week, my gut flora (complete misnomer, since what lives in my gut is almost entirely bacteria) have been massacred, with the result that I now have what, in my youth, was called an "upset stomach". That in itself is no big deal, but it's also becoming obvious that the few surviving bacteria that have reproduced to fill the resultant void, as it were, are of the type to produce prodigious quantities of methane. Not an ideal combination!


ArcticFox said...

Just be thankful that this phenomena occurred shortly AFTER bonfire night, or we'd all have been in trouble.

I had a long spell of antibiotics to clear up a sebaceous cyst.... suffice to say the pills just made me have indigestion all the time and I had to have surgery to remove the thing.... and then the stitches burst and.... oh well.... facial scars look so cool!!

As they say in Hollywood.... keep taking the tablets!!


Rob Clack said...

I'm relieved (sorry!) to say things seem to be returning to normal. Aprt rom this sodding keyboard, which has decided it's notgoing to rspond to every 9th (or something)key depression!