Friday, 21 November 2008

Convert Dead Mormons to Homosexuality!

As you're probably aware, the mormons have this bizarre habit of postumously baptising people, which is not only stupid and a waste of time, but also gratuitously offensive in the case of Holocaust victims, for instance.

Although not a Holocaust victim, I'd be mightily pissed off if they did that to me. Except, of course, being dead, I'd be blissfully unaware of it.

Now a blog called Daily Kos has set up in opposition, encouraging us to convert dead mormons to homosexuality! Brilliant!


Can Bass 1 said...

I can think of a few dead Anglicans I'd like to posthumously convert. (And a few living ones, for that matter!) But Mr Clack, what vexes you about such preposterousness. If there is no God, it matters not one whit!

Rob Clack said...

Just as I was about to respond "Well that's easy ..." I realised it was even sillier than I'd thought. I was objecting on behalf of a large number of Jews who were massacred 60 years ago, and their relatives, most of whom are also dead. Kind of taking offence by proxy. Or is that proxy-proxy?

And if, as I am convinced, there is no God, it's all irrelevant anyway.

Except I don't trust these folks. What advantage do they gain by 'baptising' people posthumously? It just feels like there's an alternative agenda lurking there. No evidence, just gut reaction.

Rob Clack said...

I suppose I should say 'immediate relatives', since many of their slightly more remote relatives are definitely still alive. Oops!

DJ Kirkby said...

Too funny! I've done your tag today.