Thursday, 6 November 2008

Bonfire Night

Last night we went into Cambridge to see the fireworks on Midsomer Common. (And here's a message for Google maps - no, I do not mean Midsummer Common! Hell's teeth!)

Anyway, I wandered over the road to scoop up Lorna and Richard, and when we emerged from their front door there was a car parked across our drive and a man banging on the front door. He turned out to be the guy that had installed our water softener. I had been sufficiently impressed to put a reference to him on Which Local, and he was bringing me a free bag of water softener salt as a token of appreciation, as he was picking up business as a result. How nice!

I parked in the Zoology Department car park and when Jenny joined us we walked over to the common, along with about 50,000 others. The fireworks were splendid, though they were unlucky with the smoke, which was extremely dense and didn't blow away the way it normally does. The breeze shifted it around in our direction at the end, and some of the lower altitude fireworks were somewhat obscured, but overall it was a very impressive display. And no corporate sponsorship this year, so I put more in the bucket than I normally would have.

Afterwards we had a pizza and then Jane very kindly drove home. It was about time she had the opportunity to open the car up a bit, after the nightmare of the drive home from Winchester in August! She still didn't manage to get it into 6th, mind you!

Peter and Julia couldn't come to the fireworks, so they've organised dinner tonight in a Turkish restaurant which opened in Royston recently. We've been there a couple of times, and liked it a lot.

This raises a new issue. Time was, if we couldn't make it on Wednesday, we didn't eat out that week. Now that seems to have morphed into if you can't make it on Wednesday, organise another night. How long before we're eating out every night of the week? How long before I need a complete new wardrobe to accommodate the new, enlarged me? How long before I have to find a second job to pay for all this? Questions, questions!

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