Saturday, 29 November 2008

A Bench for DJK

I understand DJ Kirkby collects photographs of benches, so thought I'd post a photo of the bench in our back garden. We really like sitting on it on hot, sunny summer days, as it's beneath a 20-year old paper bark birch tree, which gives lovely dappled sunlight to enjoy.

Less happily, it's right underneath the bird feeders, one for birdseed and one for peanuts, so if you zoom in, you can see it's liberally spattered with birdshit. One of these days we'll move the bird feeders to somewhere more sensible, but for now, we just have to clean the bench from time to time.

And now I have to sort out the VCR. Ever since we bought a flat-screen TV the other week, this particular VCR has recorded a black screen rather than the actual programme. Oh, and videoplus codes don't seem to generate a programme number or channel, just the time. I have no idea why not, but I'm going to go through the basic set up process and hope that fixes it. Otherwise, I'm kind of stuck. The shop that sold me the VCR has closed, the manual doesn't mention the error message I get and googling yields nothing. I suppose I could email Panasonic, but I'll try fixing it myself first. Wish me luck!

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DJ Kirkby said...

Yaaaaay thank you! My particular favourites are benches that are a bit weathered and this one is perfect. I will post it soon. xo