Sunday, 26 October 2008

Of food and teeth and things

This, my friends, is Ostrich Stroganov, and very tasty it was indeed! On the left you see most of the ingredients - Lincolnshire (I kid you not!) ostrich steak, sliced into 0.5 cm strips about 5 cm long, mushrooms, onion. Not on view are garlic, brandy and soured cream, plus the noodles and savoy cabbage, of course.

Brown the meat in butter (failed - too wet, but we tried) and remove from the heat. Sweat the onions and garlic for a bit until they're softened, meanwhile preparing the noodles and cabbage. I think Jenny microwaved the cabbage, then fried it in butter with oodles of black pepper.

Reintroduce the meat to the onions, slosh in a bit of brandy, then slowly stir in soured cream, a bit at a time. When it's the consistency you like, season with salt, pepper and a good grating of nutmeg and serve. We had it with a nice 2002 Côte Rôtie. Yum!

Today I''m feeling rather sorry for myself. Partly it's the slight hangover as a result of having such fun last night, but also it's because I woke at 5 with a raging toothache and didn't sleep much after that, despite treating it with paracetomol.

Having been unable to eat all my breakfast, (Sophie Grigson's fried eggs with chilli, garlic, balsamic vinegar and coriander) I found my dentist's emergency number and rang it. When the stand-in dentist told me the callout charge I thought "Yowser!" but did it anyway. As it turned out, he lives just around the corner from us, so instead of opening up his surgery, for which he would have charged, he invited me into his kitchen and did the diagnosis there. For free! Result!

He prescribed antibiotics and suggested ibuprofen would be more effective than paracetomol, and I'm now starting to feel a bit better. Still leapt out of my skin when preparing apples for the freezer and carelessly popped a piece in my mouth! But the fact that I forgot for long enough to do that does give you a good idea of how much the pain has diminished.

Tonight we're feeding Lorna and Richard, which is why it was so essential to get the tooth sorted out. Delia Smith's Californian Grilled Fish with a Quick Coriander and Lime Tartar Sauce, followed by the same apple and bramble brulée we keep serving to all our friends.


DJ Kirkby said...

Oooh toothache is the worst, even worse than labour pains, I swear. Sound sliek you've got a bit of an abcess, hope the antibiotics work and you are feeling better soon.

Rob Clack said...

Thanks, DJ. Right now I'm living on amoxycillin and nurofen. Fingers crossed it goes away soon!