Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Atheist Bendy Buses for London

Just saw this Daily Telegraph article about the fact the British Humanist Association is going to advertise "There is probably no god" on the sides of London's bendy buses. According to the article the campaign to raise funds to pay for it was launched yesterday and raised £31,000 in the first day. Today the total stands at over £60,000. Yay! Go atheists! Lets have ads on taxis, in the tube, all around the country. More please!

Ha ha ha! £77,000 as at 23:50 Weds, 22/12/08


Anonymous said...

This made me smile. A couple of years ago, the Swiss humanists campaigned at the local elections in my town with posters depicting a pair of looong, bare female legs. The meaning would be entirely lost in translation; suffice to say that it's the only campaign I remember. It was funny (not sexist at all), and I was tempted to vote for them on the strength of this alone.

And I'm not even an atheist.

Tim said...

One question springs immediately to mind - what for?

Can Bass 1 said...

I could suggest some alternative uses for the money...

Rob Clack said...

I suppose one of the things that pleases me about this is the discovery that so many people agree with me.

In our choir, perhaps 20% do, and among friends and colleagues, in as far as I know, that percentage also applies, but in the population as a whole, I have always had the distinct impression that we atheists form only a very tiny proportion.

That there are enough willing to donate £100,000 in less than a week (admittedly there were some foreign contributors) I find very encouraging.

Actually, I just done the sums, and if the average donation was £2.50 that still only makes 40,000 donors. Sigh. Square one.