Thursday, 9 October 2008

And another thing

It's funny, the weird coincidences that happen. I intended to put this into the silversmithing post, but at the critical moment, forgot, so I'm dedicating this post to Alice Roberts. All will become clear, Earth Person.

So there we were, flipping through Ian Buckley's photo album of past students and the jewellery they'd made, when who should we see, but Dr Alice Roberts, of Coast and the current human anatomy series (who's title I can't remember) fame. Wearing a lizard/gecko pendant which we saw her wearing as we watched this very evening.

She obviously spent a weekend there, making the pendant and, I suspect, a ditto ring, which we also saw this evening.

Well now I've had a crush on Alice Roberts since I first saw her on Coast, not unconnected with that gorgeous Bristle (sorry, Bristol) accent, so for her to turn up in Ian's photo album was a big hit. Crikey, I feel I almost know the girl!

Well, it's late and I have had several glasses!

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