Thursday, 30 October 2008

African Art

I love African art, and I've been collecting it for a short while. I think I've mentioned it before.

So today I took my dental abscess to my dentist, even though it was more or less cleared up. I wanted him to check it out and make sure it was going to stay OK. He reassured me!

On the way back to work, however, I saw a van parked by the side of the road with a spread of wooden carvings laid out on the pavement. I've seen this guy there from time to time and was interested in one particular item, a small table, which I'd seen, so stopped to investigate.

Sadly, he didn't have any of the tables, but we talked about what he did have. Most of what was laid out was made for him in Thailand, and some was really rather good, though it wouldn't really fit in at home. Then I discovered he also did African stuff, and persuaded him to fetch some out of the back of the van.

Well as you can see, I couldn't resist. The hard part was deciding what to buy, since I could cheerfully have taken all of it! He had half a dozen figures like this one, and at least a dozen wooden masks. These two are from Gambia, though he didn't have any more information than that. They don't look as though they were made to order, so I'm assuming they were made by a village carver somewhere and used in local rituals, before being bought up and shipped to the UK.

Now most of the stuff I've bought in the past I got off the internet, eg the African Art Museum, and I always thought the prices were really low, considering the quality of what I was buying, but this stuff cost a quarter what I've bought previously. Just amazing! The real problem is where to put them.

What do you mean, impulse buying?

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A Mother's Place is in the Wrong said...

Caught up at last Rob, and do hope that your abcess is completely better now? I love the African items you bought - how interesting that they should be sold in that way! I'm sure you'll find the perfect place for them before long.
M xx