Friday, 5 September 2008

A funny old week

Maybe it's just post-holiday depression, but it's been a funny old week; vaguely dissatisfying; the sort of week where you can't quite settle down at work, despite having rather a lot to do. Bitty, is how it's been, with work review and planning meetings, which are always induce a loss of the will to live.

Monday we did some serious note-bashing with part of the choir, since Jenny and I can only make one more rehearsal before the concert at the end of the month. Wednesday we went to a local Thai restaurant with a bunch of folks, and ate very satisfactorily. And tonight Jane is back from a week's holiday so we're feeding her and Lorna and Richard Rose Gray and Ruth Rogers' Penne with Aubergine, which is a very self-indulgent mix of aubergine, tomatoes, mozarella, parmesan and penne. And just the thing for the end of this sort of a week. No doubt accompanied by large quantities of red wine, I need hardly add!

I did notice this morning two little black and white heads poking out of the second martin's nest, so it looks as though they'll be fledging any day now, and not a moment too soon, as they'll have to build their muscles up before flying off to South Africa, or wherever it is they go. It is particularly satisfying to be able to report that the first time we actually had martins nest on our house, they produced 2 broods.

And now I must go and assemble the shopping list, or we'll not have it all ready when the hordes arrive. I'll leave you with this , behind which lurks a 3Mb jpeg of the Alice Kettle tapistry I raved about a few days ago. I spent some time with Photoshop, squaring up the photos and then stitching them together. Sadly, I'm crap at Photoshop, so you can see the joins only to well. I did have a go at making the joins less obvious, but I think I only made it worse. The line down the middle is particularly bad, as I think there really was a tiny bit of the tapestry missing from my snaps. Think of it as an impressionist photo, rather a 100% accurate representation.

Oh! Bloody Blogger has swapped the colours about. All that blue is actually red. Wonder how that happened!

Edit: Other people's pictures are available here, or scroll down this one a bit for a view from outside the Discovery Centre.
Alice Kettle's own website is here.


A Mother's Place is in the Wrong said...

That tapestry looks rather wonderful. Is Alice Kettle anything to do with Kettle's Yard?
M xx

Rob Clack said...

The tapestry is wonderful, though sadly, despite uploading the picture twice, the red central section and the red rectangle on the left both show up as blue. I don't know how blogger has done that, but I've checked the original photo and it is correct, with the Gormley standing on a red ground. Oh well.

Don't think Alice Kettle is anything to do with Kettle's Yard, though I only spent about 30 secs on Google checking....

DJ Kirkby said...

I too, am really struggling with my return to work post holiday. That apestry looks nice even with the colours moved round.