Saturday, 2 August 2008

The Proof of the Pudding

Just occasionally, it turns out to be a good thing to actually listen to what that irritating girl is saying as she walks you through the recorded menuing system you so often have to put up with when you phone say, the local authority, or the DVLA, or, in as in this case, Anglian Home Improvements.

Having been here several times over the past couple of weeks, it went like this.

Her: "Thank you for calling Anglian Home Improvements. (pause) Your call is important to us. (pause)"

Me: "Oh yeah?"

Her: " Please choose from the following two options."

Me: "Jesus H Christ on a crutch! Just get on with it, will you?!"

Her: "If you are an existing customer..."

I stab the 1 button, breaking my finger nail.

Her: "Thank you. Please choose from the following 4 options. If your conservatory is new or less than 6 months old, press one and you will be put through to your local branch."

Did I hear that right? All these times I've been pressing 2 at this point, only to find myself talking to the head office in Norwich who can only follow a script without variation but with plenty of hesitation and repetition, when I could have been put through to the local branch straight away.

Actually, several times, having explained to Norwich what was going on, they have put me straight through to the local branch anyway, but I had to actually listen to the tape to realise I could short-circuit the whole palaver.

But I'm getting ahead of myself.

A man phoned Jenny during the week to say he'd be here at 9am Friday. At 10.30, when he still hadn't arrived, I phoned and Norwich finally put me through to Bar Hill where a nice lady called Sue, after consulting Manager Malcolm (who had inspected the job on Monday) explained that the building team had been delayed, but would arrive around midday.

Somewhat before midday, a man on his own arrived, looked at the job and said it was not something he could deal with, and he'd file a report. After some conversation with Jenny, he filed his report and left.

I phoned again and this was when I heard the magic words "and you'll be put through to your local branch" so pressed 1, and got straight through to the lovely Sue.

After further consultation with Malcolm, it finally became clear that Bar Hill had not made Norwich understand that the inspection had already been done, so Norwich had stuck with Plan A, and sent an inspector. Confident that the building team would arrive, I hung up, and lo and behold, they did.

Didn't do much, just lifted the chipboard subflooring and left, but that was progress.

Around 4, I phoned Sue once more, and was assured they'd be back this morning to carry on. Well so far, (10am) they're not here, but that's fine. The conservatory doors are unlocked, so we don't actually need to be here and they can come and go as they like.

For now, I'm quite happy to give them the benefit of the doubt.

Returned from minor shopping to find a man with a power tool removing some of the concrete flooring. He expects to get the drain replaced shortly, but in any case will have to hang around until his brother reappears, having finished whatever job he's doing in Milton Keynes.

The reason they didn't reappear yesterday afternoon is that Manager Malcolm is convinced you can buy the screw-down cap for the drain from the local Jewson, but in fact, they don't keep them in stock and you have to order one. Our man had one at home, but home is in Huntingdon and by the time he'd ferreted one out, it was too late to return to Royston. Seems fair enough to me.

The only down side to this is that with the drain out, we can't do any washing, and we've already stripped the bed. Hardly the end of the world.

No doubt there'll be more later.

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