Tuesday, 19 August 2008

A Nasty Job Finally Done!

Over our (gas) hob we have an extractor fan which was installed when we had the kitchen fitted around 20 years ago. It's a proper extractor, with a vent to the exterior, and we've always been pleased we had it as the only thing that's ever accumulated in the kitchen air enough to be a problem has been toast or grilling smoke, which sets off the smoke detectors, of course.

Every now and then we'd have at it with some sort of aggressive detergent to remove the worst of the revolting congealed fat, but over the years we seem to have become less and less effective. It's strange, but however thorough we tried to be, it was never really good enough, and we are quite picky about grot, believe me.

Not long ago, Jenny had a go at it after a thick, dark brown, viscous liquid dripped from one side onto the worktop. (Thank god it dripped to the side of the hob, not directly over it, I say!) (And don't even think about adding "as far as you know"!)

You know the kind of stuff I mean - that sort of ancient kitchen grease which, when you get it on your hands, just laughs at the Fairy Liquid you use to try to wash it off. Yes, that stuff. Then, only a few days later, it did it again, so I had a go. And the other day, yet another drip, even though we've been giving it increasingly severe talkings to.

So tonight I drew up battle lines once more. This time not only did the filter come out, as it always does, and not only did I reach up around the back with Flash-soaked sponge, but when it became evident that I'd still not beaten it, I took off the front panel, the one you pull out to turn it on, so I could get up on a ladder and really see what was going on.

Yuk! A veritable lake of the appalling gloop lurking behind the light fittings and beneath the body of the fan! No wonder our blind moppings had had no effect! While I scooped it out and scrubbed the interior with yet more Flash, Jenny had another go at the front panel, since she had so much better access now we'd actually taken it down.

So we are currently labouring under the delusion that we've done a reasonable job and will be spared the disgusting drip, at least for a few years more. We've awarded ourselves a glass off chilled white as a reward. Well, probably rather more than just the one glass, truth be told!

And, on a happier note, I can report that since I subscribed to Google Ads about a year ago, my account has accumulated an impressive $4.65 (USD I assume). I don't think I'll give up the day job yet!


Jane.Dudman said...

Oh no, this is very bad news. I think you're setting a very worrying precedent. Does this mean I have to investigate underneath the hood of my gas hob, where I have not ventured since I bought the house, almost one year ago???
Or shall I not bother?

Hmmmm, I think I know which it will be

See you later

Rob Clack said...

I'd say wait until the nasty brown gloop drips on your worktop before stirring a finger!

But Why? said...

I think you're both rather brave to go digging around in age-old kitchen grease.

I bet the wine afterwards was good...

Rob Clack said...

Better than garlic chocolate, at any rate!