Thursday, 21 August 2008

Conservatory - the final mile?

Today Anglian Home Improvements returned, filled the hole in the floor and laid new chipboard underflooring. They also fixed a roof pane which had somehow become dislodged. I'm a bit concerned about the long term prospects of the roof, having seen the pane out of place. It shouldn't really have come out of position, but hey.

This evening Jenny and I relaid the laminated flooring and moved most of the furniture back in. It's not finished, as the skirting boards are just placed, rather than fixed, but we were fresh out of energy!

Edit: To be perfectly fair here, I have to say that right now, it feels as though Anglian have done everything I could have wished. Far from being an enormous, anonymous corporation, selling over-priced products and then washing their hands of the consequences, they have admitted their liability and made a good effort to fix what went wrong. Good for them, and a particular thank you to the lovely Sue on reception and manager Malcolm for making it all happen.

So it's just as well it's all done as we're holding a dinner party on Saturday, and it would have been awkward with all the conservatory furniture in the dining room!

And now, a well-deserved glass of chilled white. I seem to be doing that rather a lot of late!

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