Saturday, 5 July 2008

Lorna's Head

Several years ago, Lorna asked me if I would do a carving of a head for her to give to her friend Dot for her birthday. I think at the time it was a birthday with a zero, but it was a long way ahead, so I thought I could do it easily.

I finished whatever I was working on at the time, and made a start, but it didn't go as quickly as I'd hoped, and then I encountered a large bit of shell in the stone. Bath stone is a bit like that - the matrix is quite soft, but you can find quite a lot of really hard shell in unexpected places.

I realised recently that what I had experienced was the equivalent of writer's block. I'd hit a snag and I didn't know how to proceed, so I just left it. It's been sitting in my shed for about 2 years, while I've made very slow progress on it.

Fortunately, a couple of weeks ago, I had a breakthrough, and changed the design substantially. Inspired, I had at it with enthusiasm, and on Wednesday finished carving . Yesterday I gave it a coat of sealant (otherwise it spalls off a small amount of white dust) and 3 felt feet so it won't scratch whatever surface it's put on, and I'm ready to hand it over. Lorna has seen it and expressed herself satisfied, even if it was rather late!

So I thought I'd show her off to you guys. I hope you like her. She's about 28 cm high.

And now comes the really hard part - how much to charge for her. Ah, now you're asking!


Rinkly Rimes said...

I'm new to Blogging and I'm a British grandmother living in Australia. I was attracted to your description of yourself as an atheist, because we seem to be a bit thin in the blogging ground. My Blog is a diary in verse. Try it.

I like the look of your art work too!
Brenda Bryant

Rob Clack said...

Hi Brenda, and welcome to the blogosphere and particularly to my blog! I love the idea of a blog in verse, and particularly liked Dino the Dinosaur!

I agree that it's easy to get the impression that we atheists are a scarce breed, but I think there are probably more of us than is immediately apparent. We tend to keep a lowish profile, compared with the fundies and ID crowd, who tend to be much more evangelical.

And thanks for the comment on my art. I wish I wasn't so slow though!

The Dotterel said...

Love the sculpture, and sympathise/empathise with the 'block'. I've been working on the same painting for a month, and writing half a dozen different books for years!

Rob Clack said...

Hi Charlie and I'm glad you like the head. I'm sure you've noticed there are dozens of budding authors in the blogosphere, some of whom actually get published!

Pondside said...

Well, this is what I get for being away from reading blogs for a time - too much going on and too much catching up.....and then I begin to feel completely talentless and dull and more than a little awed when I see photos of sculpture and read about Munich and Spain and your new venture (which I don't completely understand, but then it's computer stuff, so what's new!).
In truth, I enjoy visiting here as it really is like a trip to a faraway place.

Rob Clack said...

It's been a rather frantic couple of months and to be honest, I'm looking forward to July and early August, with most weekends at home. It was great fun visiting all those places, but frankly, I'm ready for a break!

The garden is a jungle, the ponds are overgrown with oxygenators, water lilies, arrow weed, the hedges need to be trimmed. There is so much waiting to be done that we should have attended to while we were gallivanting about the world!

To say nothing of the need to sort out all the photos we took!

But Why? said...

Now, she is stunning! Very, very nice work!

Rob Clack said...

Why thank you, Ma'am, you're very kind!

I was thinking of you this evening, as I watched a Taiwanese lady demonstrating on TV how to make chicken chow mein and sweet and sour pork. She cooked the ccm for British rowers from the Olympic team and then tutored one of them to cook the ssp for the rest of the team.

The rowing looked so effortless, and then she said they'd been out on the river for 4 hours.

You didn't happen to be one of them, did you?

orchidea said...

It's gorgeous, Rob. Was it Rodin who said that sculpture was easy; all you had to do was chip away the bits you didn't want?

I bet it's not. ;-)

o xxx

Rob Clack said...

Thanks O. I am very pleased with her!

There are several variations on the quote, though I've no idea where it originated. I liked "To carve a horse, just remove the bits that don't look like a horse, and what you'll have left is a horse."

I've not done anything as ambitious as that, and generally find it fairly simple to do. My big problem is keeping my nose to the grindstone. There are so many distractions! Singing, gardening, fossils, silversmithing, dining out, etc, etc. I just never seem to have the time!

DJ Kirkby said...

I love her! Please, please, let me know what you are charging as I think she has a home here on my writing desk.

Rob Clack said...

I think we're headed towards their taking us out to dinner, which is the sort of deal that suits me well.

I put a lot of effort into carving her, but as an unknown artist, couldn't ask an amount that reflects that, so the end result is a nominal figure. Enough that they feel they're not taking advantage, but not so much that it hurts.

A Mother's Place is in the Wrong said...

That's a lovely head Rob, and you must be pleased to have finished it at last. Wonderfully creative and it's great that it has been well-received. M :-)