Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Conservatory - update

Well I have to admit, Anglian has gone up a tiny bit in my estimation. I've just had a very encouraging phone call from the manager of the Cambridge 'maintenance' section (I'm sure they have a proper word for it!) enquiring about the nature of the problem. When I related how we'd found the gulley uncapped and just covered with a piece of slate he sighed heavily, as though he'd heard this story before.

Anyhow, the upshot is he's coming over himself on Monday to take a look, so that when the fitter arrives the following Friday, he'll be suitably prepared.

At least, that's the impression I have now. To be perfectly honest, I'm trying not to let my hopes get themselves up too much. We'll see.

On Monday we had our last choir rehearsal before we sing in Winchester Cathedral for a week, so were at the conductor's house for a short rehearsal followed by drinks in the garden. Very civilised. Jane kindly agreed to drive us home in my new car, though it's not really far and she was badly baulked by slow traffic, so couldn't take advantage of the performance. I'm sure she'll have a proper go some time soon! It's a 2.2 litre turbo-diesel and really does go remarkably well! And returns an impressive 50+ mpg.

This evening we're off to St John's College gardens to see a performance of As You Like It, taking a picnic, of course. We try to take in a few of these garden performances each year, and have seen some memorable performances, including a magnificent King Lear.

I shall ask Richard to drive us home in my new car. I think he'll agree!


Can Bass 1 said...

Good luck with the Winchester jolly! (It's one of my favourite cathedrals.) What are you singing?

Can Bass 1 said...

PS: Do you know I misread your first line as 'Anglican'? Makes for very interesting reading that way!

Rob Clack said...

Ha ha! Anglican! V funny!

Personal favourites in Winchester are
Purcell in G minor,
Sumsion in A,
Lord, let me know mine end - Greene,
O Lorde, the maker of al thinge - Joubert,
O pray for the peace of Jerusalem - Howells,
Ave Virgo Gloriosa - Dering.

For the full list, please visit the choir website

Your comment was the final motivation I needed to actually put the programme up there, and I realised that it was remarkably similar to what we sang there in 2005.

I think we're missing a trick here. I can't see the Winchester clergy even noticing that we're just singing what we sang there last time; they have endless choirs queueing up to sing, so our performance is unlikely to be memorable (unless something goes horribly wrong, of course!).

But scanning the programme, I see nothing new at all. We have learned new stuff this year, but none of it appears in the Winchester list, which I find a little disappointing.

The trouble is, when we first started doing cathedral weeks in the mid-1990's, the term "never knowingly over-rehearsed" was deeply meaningful.

As the years passed, Dick included less and less new material, which meant the standard rose, but these days the whole thing lacks that frisson you get when you know that you'll only get through what's coming up if you're very lucky.

We seem to have over-compensated, it seems to me.

Can Bass 1 said...

You have a point, dear boy, although having heard - at first hand, so to speak - the effects of an overambitious music list just recently, I would urge caution. I find the Choral Public Domain Library a veritable cornucopia of little-known pieces.

A Mother's Place is in the Wrong said...

We used to do the same, Rob. I have fond memories of the garden performances in the Colleges. They were so lovely, and it's great to know it's a continuing tradition.
M xx