Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Anglian Update

To be fair to Anglian, so far, they've done everything I could have asked. The local manager arrived dead on time yesterday afternoon and spent about 5 minutes examining the scene before admitting they'd had the same thing with another Royston conservatory not long ago.

He agreed the gulley should have been raised and sealed and that the whole underfloor area would have been flooded with drain water. We agreed what a good job it was it'd just been dishwasher/washing machine/washing up water!

Then he said they'd replace the old gulley, leave a big hole in the floor for about 3 weeks while the subfloor area dried out, then make the damp-proof membrane good and recast the concrete floor where it had been dug out. Replace the entire chipboard subfloor, ensuring the gulley was built up to the level of the chip. I said I'd relay the laminate, which I'm quite happy to do.

This was the perfect, and to be honest, rather unexpected answer from a big corporation. I'd fully expected to have to fight, as I think was clear from earlier postings, but the guy just put his hand up and said "We did this badly. We'll put it right." You can't ask more than that, and if the restoration goes as smoothly as he's proposed, I expect to be impressed.

And, having been rather public with my complaint, I'll be equally public in my praise. That's only fair, after all.


Can Bass 1 said...

Indeed it is. By the way, is your 'I Believe in the BBC' notice some kind of new credo? If so, I must subscribe!

Rob Clack said...

Once in a while I have to click on the "I Believe.." button to remind myself of the details, so thank you for the reminder CB1.

It all stems from the appalling things that were done and said around the time of the Hutton whitewash.

The html necessary to display the icon on your own blog/website is provided.

I hope you'll display it with pride!

A Mother's Place is in the Wrong said...

Up to date at last. That's a great result Rob, and most impressive from a big company like Anglian. Good for them. M :-)