Monday, 21 July 2008

Anglian - deeply unimpressive

I've been in denial for about 3 weeks now, but have finally had to face up to the truth, and I'm not enjoying it. 3 weeks is about as long as we've been hearing a strange bubbling noise from beneath the kitchen sink when the washing machine pumps out. I've been hoping it will just go away.

Yesterday I finally pulled off the kick-board on the cabinet concerned, and found a minor flood. The washing machine is in a small utility room beyond the kitchen, but the waste pipe runs into the kitchen and down the same hole in the floor as the pipe from the sink. There's obviously a blockage somewhat downstream from there, as waste from the dishwasher, washing machine and kitchen sink all bubble up , though most of the water does actually go away and so far the flood has not appeared where we walk.

The horror waiting for me was that when we had the conservatory built by Anglian Home Improvements, they sealed and covered up the manhole immediately outside the kitchen window. To rod out this drain, I had to lift the laminated floor of the conservatory. That proved surprisingly easy; AHI obviously used decent quality laminate, which is about the only thing they've done that pleased me.

Beneath the laminate is 12mm chipboard. All along the kitchen wall, this is damp and black from leaked water. I managed to raise the bits of chipboard covering the manhole, only to find it concreted down. I've no idea how I'm supposed to lift it. But anyway, it's not the culprit. No sign of leakage, thank goodness.

What didn't get a mention in the original plans, was the little 15cm square drain up against the kitchen wall. It's supposed to have been sealed (and has clearly been leaking) but the installers didn't bother making it accessible through the chipboard. And I can't shift the chipboard. Believe me, I tried to get it up, but completely failed.

So this morning I phoned Anglian. They understood the problem and would send an engineer as soon as one became available. Looking at the diary, that'll be Friday, 1st August. Yep, I have to wait until the end of next week for someone to come and fix what they should have done right in the first place.

I tell them that's unacceptable as my kitchen is flooded and I can't use the sink, washing machine or dishwasher, to say nothing about sewage seeping up from below the conservatory floor. Well the terms of the warranty preclude a faster response. I can have someone within 72 hours but that'll cost me £140.

You could say I'm a little cross.

So please avoid using Anglian Home Improvements for anything, and please spread the word about how unhelpful they've been to me.


Renegade Conservatory Guy said...

You're not the only unhappy Anglian customer. They're really letting people down at the moment.

Rob Clack said...

Hello, RCG and I'm sorry it's taken me so long to welcome you to my blog. I've not been well.

As you'll see from a more recent posting, there is a possibility that Anglian are trying to sort the situation out, though I'll not be confident of that until they actually do.

A Mother's Place is in the Wrong said...

Oh Rob, I'm over to catch up and can't believe what I'm reading - poor you. No wonder you identified with my plumbing tale, though it wasn't a problem really. When you have 3 showers, being minus one isn't dreadful at all! M :-)