Monday, 23 June 2008

Best Boobs on the Beach!

I speak, of course, as a sculptor and artist, you understand. We'd planned to visit my step-mother Liz, this past weekend, and after she died, realised a few extra days would probably be useful, so kept the booking. We stayed in the apartment we usually rent, as we prefer it to Liz's, and in any case, the latter apartment is more or less empty now. We spent some time cleaning it and much of the rest packing up fragile stuff to bring home.

It was lovely and hot, in the high 20s, and we had to be careful not to get burned by the rather fierce sun. We barbecued, swam in the sea, sat in a beachside café and ate boquerones fritos (fresh anchovies treated like whitebait) and drank beer. Lovely. Oh yes, and I judged the Best Boobs on the Beach competition, though only from afar, of course. There was a lot of flesh on display, much of it past its prime.

I made the obligatory pebblehead, but sadly the bottom of the pebble fell off, so he has no mouth. Still back in the sea, of course.

The jacarandas were in bloom and the scent of the pink and white oleanders was just gorgeous. Not been there when they were in flower before.

Saw a golden oriole, which was just spectacular. Brilliant canary yellow and black, about the size of a blackbird.

And we snorkelled in the clear water and saw more than we have done in the past, though still not much. Lots of sea urchins, lots of big maroon sea cucumbers, quite a few small fish of various sorts and not much else. Still lots of fun.

So quickly, before choir practice, I'll post a few photos. I'm planning to build a web page with details of Liz's flat on it, so there's just the view of the back of the block included in this post. Liz's apartment is the one middle bottom, with the column of purple bougainvillia on the left.


orchidea said...

I love oleander. We can only have it outside in summer here; in winter it has to shelter inside.

And bougainvillea reminds me of Hawaii.

o xxx

Sparx said...

Lordy, glad I don't go to your beach! Past it's prime indeed!

Sorry again about your loss, I hope the solicitor isn't as off as you thought she was going to be.

Rob Clack said...

I love bougainvillea, Orchidea, and for years tried to grow it, but it never liked being indoors over winter, and eventually we gave up.

Sparx you're so young I can't imagine you being in any way past your prime. You should have been there!

I'm not sure about the solicitor, but we've signed power of attorney, so we're set on that route now. I'm more concerned about having to raise the inheritance tax (33%) and capital gains tax (who knows?) before being allowed to sell the property. Particularly given the completely stagnant nature of the housing market there.

A Mother's Place is in the Wrong said...

Probably a good thing to take those few days, and at least it was hot and sunny. Time will sort it all out, I guess. M xx
PS. The apartment sounds and looks great.

Can Bass 1 said...

Do you know I was over half way through this post before I realised you weren't discussing England. Swimming in the sea off Skegness beach is not as pleasant, I can tell you.

Rob Clack said...

That was very careless of me, CB1 and I apologise for not thinking of it. I knew what I was talking about, so of course, expected you to somehow intuit it!

And welcome to my blog!

I have swum off the UK coast, but mostly only while wearing a wetsuit. Even on a baking August bank holiday, the sea off Bournemouth is pretty nippy.

And I can't imagine a Best Boobs on the Beach competition in Skeggie, not nohow! Best Goosebumps maybe!

Rob Clack said...

Sigh. Now I'm going to get into trouble with all those Skegnotions (Skegnoptics? Skegnopticles?) that read this, aren't I?