Thursday, 13 March 2008

An utterly stupid piece of design

A few years ago, we had our bathroom completely stripped out and refitted, at considerable expense. We've never regretted it, though there was some bullet-biting when it came time to pay. From time to time, however, we stumble across bits that seem to be less than perfect, and I've just encountered one of those.

This light fitting is just a simple recessed spotlight using a GU10 quartz halogen bulb, the sort of thing you see all over the place. We wanted incandescent bulbs because there's a dimmer switch, so when, as previously mentioned, we lie soaking and steaming with a glass of something cold and white, we can have the lights turned low as well. Low energy equivalents can't be dimmed. Well, you can get a dimmable low energy one, but it's about £15 a pop, so I'll manage without, thanks.

The other day a bulb blew, and tonight I finally got around to fishing out a spare and climbing up the ladder to replace it. And I really struggled, eventually clambering into the roof void to examine the fitting from above so I could work out how to swap bulbs.

And the answer, I kid you not, is to pull the entire fitting downwards into the room, at which it all becomes very simple. The unit is held in place by a couple of spring-loaded levers which clip it onto the plasterboard of the ceiling, so of course, the first thing that happens is you get a mouse-trap strength SMACK on your fingers as the unit emerges from the ceiling. I confess, that's the real reason for the title of this post. Pain makes me indiscreet.

The second thing to emerge from the ceiling is large quantities of crud of the sort that just naturally accumulates above the ceiling. Bits of plaster, dead spiders, odd screws and bits of cable the electrician just dropped where he was working. And in this case, a couple of dozen dead wasps, which had obviously got lost last summer, and died up there. I was initially astonished at the number of wasps, but then realised they'd have been attracted to the light, so there won't be one dead wasp per 3 sq cm of roof void.

So now, job done, I shall retire downstairs to nurse my injured fingers with alcohol, applied internally, of course!
Have a nice day now!


DJ Kirkby said...

Lol. I am so glad Chopper takes on the changing of these bulbs in our house. We have them in most rooms and they do like to fight back!

Anonymous said...

I think the dead spiders and wasps would have me running.

C xx

A Mother's Place is in the Wrong said...

Quite an adventure Rob, I hope the alcohol did the trick. M :)