Saturday, 1 March 2008

I can do silver, too!

Just to prove that I can do silver stuff too, here are a couple of photos of rings I've made for Jenny. The triple garnet one I started in Worcester and finished off the other night. The settings are not the best I've ever done, but I do understand what I did wrong, so hopefully next time I'll do better. The other one I started about 3 weeks ago when we were starting to prepare for the Worcester weekend, and then finished a couple of weeks ago. It has its own, different set of faults, but again, I think I know how to avoid them in future.

On my birthday a small bunch of us went to the King William IV in Heydon, which is a small village not far from Royston. (I'm much less impressed by the website than I am by the food!) We had great food and a lovely time. Julia and Peter, who kindly drove, dropped us off afterwards at home but didn't come in. Jane did, and Lorna and Richard, who'd been unable to join us earlier in the evening, came over for a glass of wine. It was a great evening, even if the latter stages have disappeared into a blur. Fortunately my boss is away, so the fact that I was rather late arriving at work didn't actually register with anyone.


GeraniumCat said...

Love the garnet ring (though I'm biased 'coz I love garnets) - I like the proportions. The other is nice too. Oh, and a belated happy birthday!

Rob Clack said...

Thank you, GC. I'm still celebrating my birthday! Tonight Jenny is cooking me a special meal, which is something we've done for each other at birthdays since the year dot. I'll not go into detail because I suspect I'm going to write a post about it all, some time in the next few days.

Jennyta said...

Many happy returns. I love the garnet ring.

A Mother's Place is in the Wrong said...

Sounds like the perfect Birthday celebration, slightly blurry at the end.
The rings are lovely. M xx

ArcticFox said...

your silver work is amazing mister!!

Let's face it if your birthday isn't slightly "foggy" then you must be doing something wrong!!


Anna said...

The rings are gorgeous, I love the garnet one too.

Wish I could learn something like that.