Saturday, 15 March 2008

Great night out, despite a senior moment!

For my birthday, Jenny got us tickets to see the New York City Ballet at the Colliseum last night, and, despite somewhat mixed fortunes, it was a brilliant night out.

I used to work in London, but was really pleased to stop doing so getting on 20 years ago, and these days probably go less than once a year. Over the years I've developed something of an antipathy towards it, and even though I knew I would enjoy the ballet, truthfully I was not looking forward to catching the train up to town. Recognising what was going on, I decided that the answer is to go to London much more often, so that's the plan - art galleries, shows, concerts. Can't see Jenny having any kind of a problem with that!

Arriving at Royston station I realised I didn't have an A to Z or any kind of streetplan, and only the vaguest idea of where the Colliseum actually is, but we've been before, so thought we could find our way by smell, or some such. And on the tube, the notice said that you could avoid Covent Garden and just follow signs from Leicester Square or Holborn, so we imagined we could do that.

Wrong. Lots of signs for the Royal Opera House and various other places of interest, but not one for the Colliseum. We walked in one direction which looked vaguely familiar, but when we asked a taxi driver, he sent us back the way we came, and we quickly achieved a circle.

I bought an A to Z which didn't have it marked. Another taxi driver nearly sent us in completely the wrong direction, then realised his mistake and corrected himself, after which we found it pretty easily. I thought these taxi drivers were supposed to know everything!

So, nothing like setting out completely unprepared then! At least I'd brought the tickets!

The ballet consisted of 3 unconnected sets, the first of which was based on a ballet class, and I found it rather bland, though Jenny said she was familiar with many of the steps. The second was to music by Stravinsky and was fantastic. Much more toward contemporary dance than classical ballet, and I loved it. It was worth the trip just for that set. The third was also excellent, and we had a thoroughly good time. I don't think NYC Ballet is as good as the Royal (quite a few places where they really weren't well coordinated enough), but still well worth seeing. Considering the outrageous price Jenny paid for the tickets, it was no great surprise the place was not full.

The train got us home just before midnight and we sat up with a nightcap just letting it run through our heads for a bit. Very nice.


ArcticFox said...

Sounds like you had a good time... I am not sure I could either appreciate or understand it, but I CAN tell you that your enjoyment is good enough for me!!

I have some of those crappy lightbulb things in my bathroom too..... and some joker has put all these sellotaped bits of wire to connect them together and such...... I have to leave half of them hanging down and occasionally tap them or yank them to get them to work!!


Rob Clack said...

I can just imagine you, standing in the bath, fiddling with the live cabling. ..Fizzzz!

Blogget Jones said...

Oh....I need to see a real ballet....I'm jealous!

Rob Clack said...

It's possible to see real ballet and still be able to afford the tickets, or alternatively, to face some truly outrageous prices. I'm too new to the biz to have any idea how you choose.

Last time Jenny said "tickets to see Darcey Bussell please" so that's what I did. This time Jenny bought the tickets, and NYC Ballet had had good writeups, so that seemed (and was) a good bet.