Sunday, 3 February 2008

Very disappointing indeed

Last night I stuck a tape in the VCR, but it spat it back out. I assumed I'd not pushed it far enough in, so gave it another shove, but then it went half-way in and jammed. I couldn't get it out, however I tried. Eventually I googled for it and was told that I'd need to dismantle the VCR. That's fine, as I absolutely love taking things apart and putting them back together, but not when I've been drinking. That's a quick and effective method of converting whatever it is to useless junk. So we watched a DVD instead, and today I took the VCR up to the office where there's lots of clear desk space and good light.

I was really looking forward to this, and was ready with the camera to take a series of pictures ready to help me put it back together again, but first, the obvious thing to do was to power it up again and press the Eject button, to make sure the tape really was still jammed in.

I'm sure you're way ahead of me here, but I was very disappointed when the damn thing buzzed and whirred the way they do and innocently spat out the tape as though butter wouldn't melt in its mouth. Well bugger! I'm left with that hanging tendril of anticipation and no way of satisfying it. So disappointing!


DJ Kirkby said...

I've given you an award. Fancy dress required when you come to collect it. xo

Vi said...

Man, people still have VCRs?

Rob Clack said...

Thanks, DJ, I'll see to it immediately!

Hi VI. LoL. I have toyed with the idea of one of the new-fangled thingies but since the VCR (generally) works and does everything I ask, I have so far lacked the motivation to replace it.

Rob Clack said...

Oops! No sooner had I said I'd deal with the award DJ has so kindly given me than Jenny arrived home unexpectedly early, having not gone to ballet, so my available time has suddenly become non-available. Tomorrow, I guess. Sigh.

A Mother's Place is in the Wrong said...

Ooh, I'm so envious of ballet - should find an adult ballet class here, but Cambridge is so much better at those things. Congrats on your award - what kind of fancy dress?
M xx