Thursday, 21 February 2008

Phew! That was lucky!

Yesterday a parcel arrived with a book in it, but no note or anything. It just came direct from the vendor. It was Kite Runner, the film of which we saw and loved a few weeks ago. I knew the film was based on the book, and had decided straight away that I wanted to read it. Now, since this parcel was addressed to me, I assumed I must have ordered it myself, even though I had no recollection of having done so.

Now the other thing you need to know is that it's my birthday soon, and it would have been very stupid to buy such an obvious birthday present right now, but that was the only conclusion I could come to.

Anyhow, we were out with the usual crowd in an Indian last night, and I happened to mention this book, at which there was a disappointed "Bugger!" from Jenny. "I've just bought you that for your birthday!" she said. Did I feel bad? You bet!

But I didn't recognise the vendor at all and wondered if maybe I'd bought it via Amazon and they were a secondary seller, or whatever they're called. Checked this morning, and no, I'd definitely not ordered it through Amazon. Very odd. Still feeling bad, of course.

This evening my mother phoned to warn me of the impending arrival of a parcel containing a book. Ahah! Mystery solved! Mother, knowing I wanted the book, had bought it for me and had the vendor mail it direct. Well, at least it wasn't me being stupid, for a change. Still leaves Jen with a couple of problems - what to do with the spare copy, and what to get me instead, but at least I can stop feeling guilty!


Jane.Dudman said...

Mystery solved! It did seem odd, you having ordered a book and not being able to recall *anything* about it.

Have a great weekend silversmithing.

I'm not around Sunday - I'm in Cambridge all evening. So see you Monday


By George said...

Well I'm fifty something too. I understand completely.

A similar thing happened to my husband the other day. He bought a very large book about Naval history last year after coming home from active duty. This year for his birthday his brother sent him the same book. Disappointing for his brother but my dad got the extra book, so lucky for him.

A Mother's Place is in the Wrong said...

Those "brown paper packages tied up with string" are great though, aren't they? I had a couple for my Birthday too. Have a lovely weekend. M xx

DJ Kirkby said...

Lol. Well you oculd auction the book on your site and give the proceeds to your favorite charity?

ArcticFox said...

Hows about asking for a bird feeder and some bird food instead of the book you already have??

Birds need feeding all year round!!

Who knows, you might even tempt them to tuck into your collection of those ladbird invaders??


Rob Clack said...

Ha ha! Hello all and thanks for your comments. I think Fox wins this time. We do have a bird feeder, but it's so popular it's emptied in less than a week, so a second one would mean I'd only have to fill them weekly. Sadly, nothing eats ladybirds, as far as I know. Their warning colours are backed (I'm told) by a truly foul taste.

Rob Clack said...

Meant to say Welcome, By George, and thanks for stopping by. I had far too much to do last night, so barely time to blog properly.

It was entirely predictable - go away for the weekend and arrange for a visiting colleague of Jenny's to stay Monday and Tuesday.

So when I got home it was dishwasher and dishes, tidy and wipe the kitchen worktop, fold the dry washing and hang up the next load which was waiting for me in the machine, stick the readymeals in the oven, etc., then eat dinner and get to choir practice by 8.

So blogging was squeezed in where poss.