Wednesday, 30 January 2008

No pleasing some people!

It's never ending, this. Saturday we were in a party of 9 celebrating Jane's birthday in a local restaurant. Sunday was Jane's concert and then she came to dinner. Monday was choir practice, followed by birthday drinks at Jane's. Last night 5 of us went to the contemporary dance at the Cambridge Arts Theatre, of which more anon. Tonight we're eating out with Lorna and Richard in Royston (when Jen gets home, that is, given that her head of department decided an alcoholic celebration of her medal was in order!) Tomorrow she's at a sparkly dinner at Darwin, celebrating something or other (not the medal!), so I'll actually be able to collapse quietly at home.

Truth to tell, I'm loving it, just not enjoying dragging my sorry arse out of bed in the mornings!

So the dance was a mixed pleasure. The first routine was just brilliant, and I absolutely loved it, though some of the movement was on the floor, which I often couldn't see. A woman in front of me, with a large amount of hair, had a tall man in front of her, so kept moving her head from side to side so she could see. Which meant about 1/3 of the stage was effectively blocked for me. But most of the time they were running around and dancing and leaping and all that, and it was exactly what I'd come for. Wonderful! The picture is just stolen from the Cambridge Arts Theatre website.

The second part of the performance seems to have been mostly on the floor. What I could see looked really interesting, but I was so irritated by the bloody woman in front of me I lost all concentration and gave up. I very nearly leant forward and hissed "Will you please sit still!!" in her ear, but just couldn't bring myself to do it. To be fair, it wasn't really her fault. The real problem is that the seating doesn't slope steeply enough.

Anyhow, during the second interval Jenny and I decided to move to the front row, which was almost completely empty. There we had a perfect view of the final routine, in which the dancers strutted their spectacular stuff to the accompaniment of an excellent live jazz quartet. Fan-bloody-tastic!

So next time I'll not book online, I'll use the damn phone and demand front row seats!

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