Friday, 7 December 2007

PC woes

Suffering from computer trouble at the moment. Fired up the PC on Wednesday evening and the hard drive was going mad and the machine was so slow as to be more or less unusable. Task Manager showed the cpu was 96% idle and I couldn't see anything doing significant disc i/o but it was hopeless.

There really is more this time!

Oh, and I'd asked my isp to switch me over to a different mail server which has spam and virus filters, and ever since then I can't receive email. I can send, but when I try to Get Mail I Get an Error instead. Might be Norton being overzealous, but I can't tell yet.

Last night it was the same, so I rebooted into Safe mode and ran a full system scan in Norton. Took all evening and found zilch. The disc was quiet in safe mode and stayed quiet when I rebooted into normal, but I still can't receive email.

Fortunately the isp made a casual aside at one point which told me how to use webmail, so that's what I'm doing at present.

So I've no idea what the hard drive thought it was doing. Maybe it just decided it needed a workout. Been reading But Why's postings about rowing and stuff.

And just to round things off nicely, at work this morning the Systems guy tried to install some software on my work PC, only to find there wasn't enough free space on the rather small hard drive, and there's some reason he can't just add a second drive, so he's taken my PC away to copy everything onto a bigger drive. I'm doing this by sneakily running Internet Explorer on a piece of audio kit sitting on my desk.


But Why? said...

"Rowing and Stuff"?

Sounds like the potted history of my adult life...

On the PC woes topic, you know that hideous feeling you get when you've just accidently deleted something important which you can't recover? Some dude did that last month on the mailboxes for about 15000 people where I work, with the result that several years of audit trails vanished into thin air.

Now call me a cynic, but with expensive and (one hopes) sophisticated Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery arrangements, I smell a rat somewhere...

Rob Clack said...

An OhNo moment. Or maybe in his case, an OhYesOhYes! moment.

Casdok said...

Am i interupting something here you two?!!

Rob Clack said...

Hah! IwishIwish!

I would put a "seriously ..." but it's too late and I'm too far down the bottle to say anything sensible.

dulwichmum said...

Darling Rob,

You need a PA, I don't know where I would be without Lydia. Poor you.

ArcticFox said...

Far be it from me to stop by, not bother reading your fine blog, and tag you in a meme into the bargain!! But here it is anyway!!