Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Best Blogging Buddies award!

All the (rather short) while I've been blogging, I've seen people giving each other awards, and now someone's given me one! Hoorah! Thank you so much, DJKirkby! I really came over all of a glow when I found out! I have to say that you're right, however, the pic is just the weensiest bit twee.

I'm afraid I'm about to go a bit squidgy about the edges. If you leave quietly now and come back later, I'll be feeling better, I'm sure.

This sense of companionship that we feel as we blog was completely unexpected. Of course, to start with I had no real idea what blogging was about, and I imagine like many people out there, just signed up to find out what all the fuss was about. I felt such a pseud, too; who'd want to read anything I might write, particularly as virtually everyone who read it would be a total stranger.

At first, I just clicked the "Next blog" button at the top of the page, but quickly got bored with unintelligible foreign blogs or kiddies' txtspk pages full of stuff about school which they find riveting, but I find utterly tedious. (No doubt the reverse is equally true!)

Once I discovered blogrolls, however, all that changed. When I found a blog I enjoyed reading, I started clicking the links to their favourites, and quickly discovered many blogs I loved to read. I could spend hours just cruising from one to the next, but in truth I don't have the time, or, I suppose more accurately, I don't make the time. Life is pretty full, and to devote lots of time to reading blogs, I'd have to drop other things off the list. (I have to examine the filters on the shower pump right now, actually!) I signed up for Purplcoo, but sadly, have hardly ever visited since.

You fall into several natural groupings - mothers of young children (I can't understand this; I have no time for kids!), atheists, scientists, police and ambulance people, and quite a few who are less easily categorised. There's no obvious pattern to it, it just fell out that way, and that's how I like it.

So thank you, not just to DJK for the award, but also the the rest of you out there, who write so beautifully, who show your vulnerabilities, and who somehow make up the glue that bonds this virtual community together.

I still think I'd rather have had the Unstable and Bitchy award!

Apparently I'm supposed to pass this on to 7 people, but actually I'm only going to nail 4 of you - Orchidea, Suffolk Mum, Headless Chicken and A Mothers Place is in the Wrong. You've all made a big difference, and I try to visit your blogs regularly.


Elsie Button said...

hi there Rob, haven't been here for ages, been so hectic. saw you were given an award from DJK, and so came over! Congrats!

Anna said...

Yay Rob!! Well done!

Glad I'm not easy to categorise, lol!

orchidea said...

Thank you for the award, Rob. Now it's my turn to feel the fuzzy warm glow. Serendipitously, I caught it as I'm about to leave for a difficult meeting.

o xxx

PS. Not sure I can squeeze the cute kitties into my sidebar, but it's the thought that counts... :)

A Mother's Place is in the Wrong said...

Hi Rob, and thank you so much for my lovely award - I love the cute kittens, but then I would wouldn't I? I wonder if you know how I get it onto my page please? I'm hopeless at that stuff. Have been trying for months to get a list of my favourite blogs onto my page!!
Thanks again M xx

Suffolkmum said...

Well done on the awars, and thanks for passing it on to me! I've got a massive work project on at the moment so haven't been reading much, but I know what you mean about the blogging community - it's great.

Rob Clack said...

Welcome back, Elsie, and thanks to all of you for your comments.

A mother's place - here's how I do that stuff. Click on Customise in the top right hand corner of the screen. When the Customise screen opens up, you should see 2 dashed boxes on the right. In the one you want to add something to, click Add a Page Element. A new window opens with all sorts of things you might want to add - for a blogroll, click Link List. For a photo, click Picture. This latter option will then give you the chance to upload a picture from your computer.
Once the things are added, you can move them just by dragging them with the mouse. Then click Save. You may need to refresh your blog to see your changes.

Once you've got an empty blogroll, the way to add to it varies. At work, I see a spanner which I can click, which opens up a new window into which I can paste the URL of the target blog. At home I have to go via Customise again, and edit the blogroll.
Hope this helps. Shout if you're still confused.

A Mother's Place is in the Wrong said...

Thank you, Rob, too tired tonight, but will have a go tomorrow. M xx

Blossomcottage said...

Hi Rob, thanks for dropping by Blossomcottage, sorry about the rather twee name, I'm not twee really it just the place I started my new life when I left a very long marriage so it seemed at the time very appropriate! Great to see you have an award and I will look forward to reading more from you.

DJ Kirkby said...

Hi Rob, glad you've put up the unstable and bitchy badge, I think it is hilarious. I've done your tag. Really challenging for a change,in comparison to most of the Meme's that pass through blogland.

DJ Kirkby said...

P.S. I've been meaning to tell you this for the past 3 months or so...I like the pic of you on your website much better than your profile pic! You look wonderfully chilled out in it.

Rob Clack said...

Thanks, DJK. Pic changed! I think it was a warm July evening and that looks like a bottle of chilled chardonnay ready to be opened!

Anonymous said...

a blogging award - you lucky thing! I've been blogging for nearly a year and nary a thing!

glad you believe in my employers! where did you find that, I wonder?

Here visiting from HC - like the new pic but think it must have been a very fast shutter speed if the bottle of wine wasn't open .... yet!

Rob Clack said...

Ah Rosneath, you obviously know me far too well! Welcome to my blog. I liked the look of your art, but they didn't open up to full size when I clicked them. Should they have done?

I'm sure you're aware that if you click the Beeb icon, it'll take you to the site and give you some html you can include on your own blog. I can't remember how I originally stumbled across it.

Sparx said...

Hi Rob - I can never catch up on all the blogs I like to read either, there's never enough time. Having a great time catching up on yours though, it's been a while.