Thursday, 15 November 2007

Insult translation

A colleague brought the Essential Foreign Swear Words book in to work today. One entry I liked was "I have you down as a bit of a pigeon-licker" Never minding that I don't actually know what one of those is, the interesting bit is that the Spanish translation is given as "Te Machaco." Since I think we can assume Te means You, that implies that the Spanish have a word for "pigeon-licker". The mind boggles.

Assuming the book is accurate, of course. Well of course it is, bound to be, there in black and white, init?


trousers said...

I just put "Te Machacho" through an online translation site, and the result was "I pound you."

I hope the translation is wildly inaccurate (or that the Spanish has sufficient nuance) since I much prefer "I have you down as a bit of a pigeon-licker."

But Why? said...

They cram all that meaning into one word? How very clever!

DJ Kirkby said...

How hilarious that someone has actually written an 'essential foreign swear words' book!