Sunday, 11 November 2007

Email spoofing

I don't really know the correct sentence construction for this, but someone is spoofing my email account. What I mean is that a program somewhere is pretending to be me, and is spraying spam out into the world. Terrific. First I knew was on Friday when I got home from work to find 2400 returned undeliverable emails waiting for me. Since then I've had well over 1000 a day. I've fired up Thunderbird while doing this, and it reports 960 messages waiting for me. Naturally my ISP only works normal office hours, so I can't ask them if there's anything I can do about it. I have set up a filter, which diverts most of them straight into the Trash folder, but that doesn't actually fix the problem. What concerns me is that I might end up blacklisted, which could be a tad inconvenient. Hope none of you are getting spam from 'me'.