Saturday, 24 November 2007

Eccentric Geocentricity

This is just hilarious! I've been really busy at work over the past few days, and haven't had much time for reading blogs, but yesterday stumbled across something so funny, and so completely left field, I have to direct you there.

I was reading Shalina's excellent blog at Scientia Natura which I always find a wild and stimulating read, when I came across this posting. Now I don't know about you, but I thought geocentrism faded away several centuries ago, but no, it seems not only am I completely misguided about how the world came to be the way it is today, but I am also totally wrong about the nature of the universe.

It seems there are 2 (only 2?) schools of thought on this subject. The French and Belgian Roman Catholic school are of the opinion that the earth spins at the centre of a rather small, stationary universe, while the other, I assume North American, school holds that the earth rests stationary at the centre of a large, spinning universe. And they maintain that there is logic which supports these views.

Intrigued, I followed a link in one of the comments to the Geocentricity Primer, but sadly, as you'd expect, all the "evidence" is bible quotes. Oh, and there's this stuff called æther, an 18th century idea, I think, which somehow changes the way everything works, so trivia such as gravity, speed of light, einsteinian relativity and so on, are all flawed and/or irrelevant.

Actually, I think this is really cool. I used to think the ID/creationist shower were nutters, but they're positively (what's the word?) right-thinking compared with the geocentrics! I reckon our task will be done if we can just get everyone to realise that they're all part of the same bunch of loonies. No-one in their right mind, not even the Dover school board (not the best link, but I'm a bit pushed for time) will take them remotely seriously and we can start getting on with our lives.

Yeah, dream on.

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