Wednesday, 7 November 2007


Well, I couldn't stand it, I just had to sort out the dishwasher, and the simplest solution was to buy another one. Well, the old Zanussi was 21 years old, so didn't owe us anything. Whiteware has a designed life of 10 years, so we were kind-of expecting this one to die soon.

The new one is a Siemens and will be delivered tomorrow Hooray! The only thing that worries us is that all modern dishwashers seem to take at least 2 hours, some rather more, to wash a load. The old Zanussi could charge through a load in about an hour, no problem.

This rattles the washing machine cage, too. Our old Hotpoint, which died about 5 years ago, also took 45 mins to an hour to wash a load. The replacement Bosch takes 2 hours and we still haven't worked out how to make sure the towels don't come out smelly. Towels have been known to come out of the airing cupboard and go straight into the washing basket! And worse than that, it accumulates a disgusting dark grey slime around the rubber collar that seals the drum around the door. Bosch say to do a full-out hot wash once a month but a) we don't have much that needs a hot wash and b) it's not exactly environmentally friendly to do an empty hot wash just to clean the washing machine. I've seen dishwasher cleaner - can you get washing machine cleaner? What a ridiculous idea!

Anyhow, now I'd better go and clear the decks so when the new one arrives, the man can actually fit it. At the moment it's buried under a mountain of detritus in the utility room.


DJ Kirkby said...

Hi Rob
we were havign similar probs with our washing machine. No longer and the simple solution was to buy this ionic type washball thingy from lakeland (though I am sure there are other places that sell them)and we no longer use washing powder or fabric conditioner, N3S's skin has cleared up and the clothes smell fresh and are as clean as if washed with powder and conditioner. Weird but wonderful.

Rob Clack said...

Thanks, DJK. I've ordered one. Maybe it'll reduce my eczema. That would be an unexpected bonus.