Monday, 1 October 2007

Update on Jen's burns

It's a fortnight since Jenny burned her left hand with boiling fat, and I'm glad to be able to report that she's making good progress. She burned the index, middle and ring fingers, and the outer two are almost at the point where they no longer need dressing. The middle one was the worst burned, and is making slower progress, but even that is doing fine.

One irritation is the way the dressings keep falling off, and this was something which added to the delay in getting to Jane's for dinner last night. To protect the dressing while she showered, Jen put on a rubber glove, but taking it off removed all her dressings as well. At least the one on her middle finger should be tied up around her wrist, but we don't seem able to do this particularly successfully so far.

We're trying to get hold of some vitamin E cream to apply, since a nurse somewhere along the line has suggested that to aid the recovery. Others have mentioned it, too, but it doesn't seem easy to find so far.

And to add to her joy, her boss starts a year's sabbatical today, so Jenny is acting director of the Museum of Zoology for the next year, something she's not looking forward to. It means lots more admin and much less research, which is quite the opposite of the way she'd like it to be!


orchidea said...

Doesn't vitamin E cream require a prescription? At least I've heard the really effective ones do. Sorry to hear about Jen's burns... I hope they heal well.

ArcticFox said...

Can I just chip in here.... what you want is Acriflex cream, it's by far the most effective thing I have ever used for burns, it aids the healing process and minimises the scar tissue on just about any wound to which I have applied it.... it's very good.


Anna said...

I was going to suggest lavender oil, applied neat to the burn.

I've also used tea tree oil in the same way, which worked very well for me when I accidentally got hair-removing cream on my chin and didn't notice until I'd developed a chemical burn (ouch!). It scabbed over within hours, and was pretty much back to normal in a week.

Hope Jen's not in too much pain with it!

Rob Clack said...

Thanks for the recommendations. So far she's picked up some Vit E cream from Boots, but I'll mention all your suggestions to her. She's quite keen on achieving an invisible recovery, as you can imagine!

She's not in much pain, just a bit from the middle finger, which was worst burned. As long as she doesn't knock it on anything, she's fine.