Saturday, 20 October 2007

Feeling lethargic

This is not right! It's a beautiful, if chilly, Saturday, I've got Jenny's birthday present to make and I really feel lethargic and demotivated. The day is not going well. First thing I did was collect a tail bag we'd ordered for Jenny's Honda 500. This is a fabric bag she can attach to the pillion seat to hold her stuff and which detaches easily when she arrives. Only we were expecting it to have a base which was semi-permanently fixed, to which the bag itself zipped and unzipped. Wrong. It's just a cubical bag that bungies onto the seat. Well, maybe it'll do, but it's not what we were expecting.

So then on to Bury Lane Farm Shop to pick up the muntjac we'd ordered. This turned out to have been butchered already and much more expensive than the last one as a result. Well, I can cope with that, since I don't have to cut it up myself, but it's not ideal. Because I don't get so much of the actual animal, they throw in a kilo or so of venison sausages, but when I get them home I find they've been sitting on the counter for so long most of them have nasty dried up skins and I really don't know how edible they'll be. Now I'm getting hacked off and am looking for faults.

He did supply me with 4 squirrels, but he wrapped them quickly and tied up the bag, and I didn't actually get to see them until I got home. Each is in its own, sealed plastic bag, which is fine, but one of them turns out to be 2 half-squirrels, which strikes me as a a bit dubious. I guess they use shotguns and sometimes it's a bit messy. I can tell you that they weigh 320 to 340 gm each.

So that lot is now all in the freezer, and I realise, writing this, that I've nothing lined up for tomorrow night's dinner. I'd best give that some thought now!

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