Monday, 1 October 2007

Busy weekend

Saturday's concert was mostly Royston Town Band, with a short spot by the excellent Royston Youth Choir, and a couple of slots for us.

The youth choir is a dozen or so children aged roughly between 8 and 16, mostly girls, but there's always been at least one boy I think. Pam Lambert, who runs it, is a friend of ours and fellow choristor in Royston Priory Singers, and she's obviously very talented in this direction, because the kids are always simply excellent. They start singing and everyone just bursts into tears! Most of the stuff they did on this occasion was 3-part harmony, some in rounds, often with movement as well, and all from memory. One piece, called Can you hear me? was a song from the perspective of a deaf person, and they did proper signing as they sang. I'm welling up just writing about it! Lorna and Richard (who use signing with some of their severely disabled pupils) were in the audience and said they could read the signs, so it was pukka.

Our bits went OK, though I discovered just how poorly I know Zadok the Priest! I really must do some note bashing on that some time. It's the sort of thing everyone just assumes you know, so you never get much rehearsal time, so it's up to me to bring myself up to speed.

On Sunday we sang choral evensong in a tiny church in a village called Friston, which is between Snape and Aldeburg, close to the Suffolk coast. It was a lovely day, so Jen and I decided to go on my bike, and set out at 2. It's a while since I've taken anyone on the pillion, and it took a few minutes to get used to the different dynamic of the bike, but we settled in pretty quickly, and arrived in plentfy of time, having taken about an hour and three quarters to cover the 80 miles.

There was some village festival going on all weekend, so the church was beautifully decorated with enormous bouquets of flowers everywhere you looked. We had a cup of tea and some cake in the village hall before starting to rehearse, which was very welcome. What I had was actually a bowl of rum with a bit of cake floating in it. OK, I exaggerate, but there really was quite a lot of rum and it was delicious.

In the service, the church was packed, which is always gratifying, and we had the Bishop of Dunwich in attendance. Maybe they came for the Bish, rather than us, but I don't care! Wasn't too impressed by his sermon, but he sang the responses confidently and accurately, so that'll do.

Coming home we opted to go a longer route, around the south side of Ipswich rather than across country the way we'd come, and it took no longer, despite being 20 miles further, since the road was dualled most of the way and I could crack on a bit. I eased off a little towards the end when it had become completely dark.

Irritatingly, my superduper oversuit allows a draft to circulate around my midriff, so I was well chilled by the time we got home. I had to stand under the shower for 5 minutes to warm up, which meant we were late getting to Jane's for dinner.

This angel had slowly casseroled some partridges with sausages and belly of pork, and had steamed a lump of salmon for Richard, so the 5 of us had a really delightful meal. Not forgetting the spicy pears in red wine sauce, of course, one of my favourites.

Knackered now, of course!


ArcticFox said...

Sounds like you had a blast... Good for you.


Pondside said...

Sounds like a very busy weekend. I followed the links and listened to the choir "Set me as a seal" - thank you for a lovely pause in my busy day. I'm trying to imagine partridges, sausage and belly of pork!

Rob Clack said...

Thank you for visiting my website, Grandmere, and I'm glad you enjoyed the music. I'd almost forgotten it was there. Went back and had a listen myself!