Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Quite a lot of good things!

After the excitement of Sunday evening, we elected to take a day off and slept late. Jenny had a good excuse, of course, and I was pretty sure my boss would be understanding. There was masses of washing up for me to do, even after I'd loaded the dishwasher, since everything had just been dumped in the kitchen. I took several bites at it, finally being able to see reasonable stretches of worktop by lunchtime.

Lunch was leftover Chinese, of which there was rather too much, so we ended up completely bloated and incapable of doing anything in the early afternoon. However, Jen had an appointment of some sort in Royston on Tuesday, so had already decided to take that day off. Being off on Monday too, meant there was a need to go into the department and download some work onto her memory stick, so we did that on the way to Addenbrookes.

The hospital surprised us pleasantly once more, by not fussing about her checking in half an hour early for her appointment, and then calling her after only 15 minutes. They drained her (impressive!) blisters and gave her a proper dressing, then let her out, so we really didn't have to wait long at all.

In the evening we had choir practice, so roasted Sunday's pork early. I took extra care not to drop it! We also did Jamie Oliver's balsamic roasted potatoes and onions, which was a bit of a disappointment. To start with I used new potatoes rather than the charlottes he recommends, but I still think they should have been OK. But then although the balsamic vinegar did reduce and go sticky, the end result was much too powerful for the other flavours. I found the whole thing somewhat underwhelming.

While we were rehearsing, we left a Mopsa's clafoutis in the oven on the timer. This would have been Sunday's pud. This is essentially fruit cooked in a batter to make a rich pudding. Jenny used some of the blackberries we picked on Saturday, together with a couple of chopped nectarines, and it was simply magnificent, served with double cream. We were so impressed we phoned Lorna and Richard and insisted they come over and have some! Thank you, Mopsa. Brilliant! One question: it was slower to cook than we'd expected, but then we did put it in a ceramic dish. Would it have been better in a metal dish?

Wow! Thank you Blogger! The RCD on our main circuit board just tripped, taking out the power completely. Fortunately, once the power was restored, the Autosave feature meant I could just go to the Dashboard and Edit this post again. I've lost nothing! Impressed.

And the good stuff just goes on! At work, my boss said staying home with Jenny was just what anybody would have done and he wasn't happy with me taking the day as holiday, so I was to self-certify. I try not to mix work with this blog, but I was really quite moved. Thanks, boss.

And finally, we've just reheated the last of last night's clafoutis. It's just heavenly. Yummmmmmm!


ArcticFox said...

Sounds like everything's coming up roses!!

Good for you.

Autosave feature on blogger is great - I'm with you on that one!!


Mopsa said...

pleased it was as yummy as promised. I always use a ceramic dish - and oven temperatures vary so much - just pull it out when it feels firm but not dry - moist is good!