Wednesday, 26 September 2007


On 3rd November it's a significant birthday of Jenny's, as well as the day we sing Choral Evensong in Coventry Cathedral. We're really looking forward to that, although the choirstalls are miles apart, and it's very hard to hear what the other half of the choir are singing. Curiously, that's a function of the acoustics of the building, and nothing to do with how loudly we sing. It'll be Rose responses, because Jenny especially requested them, Rawsthorne Mag and Nunc, and an anthem that's yet to be decided, but might be Bainton - And I saw a new heaven and a new earth.

Lorna and Richard are coming, and we've booked ourselves into a hotel for the night, with dinner in a nice-sounding restaurant in Kenilworth. (Astonishingly, according to Google, there isn't a single decent non-ethnic restaurant in the whole of the city of Coventry! Would you believe it? Any number of Indian, Italian, Chinese of course.) But we also wanted to include the choir in the celebrations, so I'm trying to sort out having them back to the hotel for drinks and canap├ęs.

The sticking point is the venue. If there are only about 15, we could upgrade our bedroom to a suite and entertain everyone there, which would be a lot cheaper than hiring a function room, but if numbers exceed about 20, the suite will be too small. And most of them haven't replied to my email inviting them, so I've no idea how many really will turn up.

Fortunately, the big day itself is some weeks off, so I'm not getting too het up yet. Only a little bit.


Swearing Mother said...

Hi Rob, what about having a word with your hotel and asking if you can entertain in the bar? They might be persuaded to do a few nibbles etc., maybe you could put a few quid behind the bar and buy everyone a first drink, then they can get their own after that. If loads turn up, great, if only a few arrive you won't be left with a room too large and no one to fill it. And you can eat all the nuts and crisps yourselves!

Hope it all goes well!

Best wishes.

Rob Clack said...

That's a good suggestion, SM, thank you. I've spoken to the hotel and that's what we'll do. The suite room is too small after all, and in any case, the bar will be more or less empty at 5.30, so no need to go to any special trouble. Good shout!

Anna said...

I love the Bainton piece, it's lovely. Fun to sing too.

My conductor the other year orchestrated it as well and it sounded great.

Mopsa said...

Cov Cathedral is spectacular - have spent many moments there. And when they sing the Coventry Carol there at Christmas, it's goosebump making. And me a good Jewish girl too. Have a lovely time.

Rob Clack said...

I'm really looking forward to it. And after getting all hot about a poor response from the choir, we now have over 25 lined up, so practically the whole choir and groupies! Fantastic!