Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Contemporary Dance - Pilobolus

I might have done this before, but my memory is so bad I don't remember. I love contemporary dance, and I came across this link to a remarkable performance by the dance group Pilobolus at the TED talks in Monterey, California in February, 2005. TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design and there are loads of talks/performances on their website. You can waste hours, but there is some very good stuff there, too. I hope you agree that this performance is exceptional.


antisocialist said...

Phenomenal. Like a match, the dancer turns into flame.
Wrote Rilke.

Rob Clack said...

I've not come across Rilke before, and of course, don't understand the German, nor even have the poetry to grasp the essence of the original German. Shame on me!

Even translated (I'm very wary of translated poetry!) it's extraordinarily powerful. I must pursue this! Thank you!

antisocialist said...

No need to thank me, my brother, because it's a pleasure.

Your concerns about poetry in translation are cogent and well-founded. Elizabeth Bishop, who was an excellent poetry translator herself, said that even the very best translations of poetry will inevitably lose fifty percent of the intended meaning.

Another polyglot poet said that reading poetry in translation is "like kissing through a veil."

Yet another said it was like "looking at the wrong side of a woven tapestry."

Best of all possible regards.

Anonymous said...

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