Sunday, 23 September 2007

Another foodie post

With Jenny at a conference in Scotland, I'd invited Lorna and Richard to dinner last night (Sat). I forgot to change the alarm, so was awake at 7.30, but by the time I realised I was early, I'd already made my tea, (tea things by the bed, of course!) so just carried on.

It wasn't a bad plan anyway, since I had to buy fish for the evening (Richard is veggie) and I knew I needed to get up to the fish stall on the market fairly early. He's quite pricey, but the fish is superb and of course, lots of people know it, so by lunchtime there tends to be a limited selection left.

I didn't really know what I wanted to serve, but had no difficulty deciding when I saw wild river trout on the slab. He gutted them for me, and I was away in minutes. Good start.

Then I went to the butchers (Cruickshank's) in Comberton, where I got some fillet of Little Dexter to make a bœuf en croute Sunday. The link takes you to a farm somewhere, and I only leave it like that because there's information about the breed. I've no idea where Pike End Farm is.

Anyhow, it's a bit of a faff going to Comberton, so while there I decided to get some of their delicious smoked gammon, then bought a slow-grown chicken rather bigger than I really wanted, and finally a half leg of lamb, the latter two for the freezer. The gammon will keep in the fridge until early October, so there's no need to freeze that.

In the afternoon I went to Bury Lane Farm Shop where I try to buy all my veg. I had to make 2 trips because I didn't plan things properly, but that was OK. I'm trying to find ways of buying less at Tesco, so this is a good option. And their eggs come from a farm nearby too.

I wanted to do the fish as simply as possible, so as not to overwhelm the flavour, so did a Jamie Oliver recipe. I slashed the sides, then rubbed in a gloop of thyme, salt and olive oil, and put a bunch of thyme inside, then roasted them for 10 mins. They were simply delicious, not so much for having been brillliantly cooked, but for being such good fish to start with. What I got right was not overcooking them.

Now I need to nurse my hangover so as to be able to get tonight's dinner right. Compote of garlic and sweet peppers; bœuf en croute with roast potatoes and steamed purple cauliflower; fruit salad (left over from last night and bulked out with more fruit).

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