Thursday, 16 August 2007

On Getting Wet

Ho ho, we are British, but we still manage to get caught out by the weather, don't we? So last night I had dinner with a friend who lives on the other side of Royston. We agreed to meet in a restaurant in the centre of town, even though the rain was pretty heavy. In fact, I'd had to pull off the road on the way home from work, unable to see well enough to drive. So we had discussed driving, but had decided to go aux pieds so we could both drink. Well, you know, take the big umbrella, etc. Hahahah!

It was only raining lightly when we set off, but within about 50 metres it was really hammering down. I took my shoes off (same toeless slip-ons that let in the glass last week) as they don't like getting drenched, which was fine. What I hadn't expected was for the big umbrella to let the rain through. I was walking up into town thinking "Hang on, I'm under the umbrella and I'm still getting wet!" I kept looking up at it expecting to see holes.

We arrived at the restaurant within a few minutes of each other, looking more or less the same; soaked from mid-thigh downwards, hair soggy, coats covered with water. Lovely!

Edit 'cos as so often, I've thought of something else! I infer that actually umbrellas are not waterPROOF, they're probably just water RESISTANT. Mostly, the combination of that and a shape designed to shed water quickly, is enough to keep you dry. This rain was serious stair-rods, flood-causing rain, and I think probably 5% or 10% of it just went straight through. Thank goodness the restaurant was pretty close. Even so, the clammy trews meant Julia and I didn't idle casually over coffee like the long-time friends we are. We headed home pretty smartly to get into something dry!

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