Thursday, 2 August 2007

Haoma PebbleHead

If you've visited the Art page of my website, you'll be familiar with this pebblehead which I actually carved last autumn while experimenting for the first time with an electric engraver. I've tidied it up a little and have just made it a wooden base on which to stand, so decided it was time to name it formally.

Haoma is an ancient Persian god of health and strength, rich harvests and sons. He rules over medicinal herbs, is associated with purification of fire and is believed to have the power to provide husbands for unmarried women.


Motheratlarge said...

There's a god I wish I'd known about back when I was single... Though anyone with a route into health, strength, rich harvests and sons has got to be good news at any point in a person's life. What size is he in real life? He looks Easter Island proportions in the photo, but I assume he isn't?

Rob Clack said...

Wow! At Easter Island size that would have been a serious piece of work! No, he's the smallest I've done, at 7cm high.

Suffolkmum said...

That's a lovely carving. Had to laugh at Motheratlarge's comment - I could have done with him in my twenties, too.

Merri said...

Yes where was this fine fellow when I was a student? LOL
Neat carving!